Milk Bag Mats

St. Stephen Catholic Elementary School will be collecting milk bags to help the needy in Haiti and other countries facing severe poverty.   The collection of the milk bags not only help those in need, but also help our own environment. Every bag collected is one less bag in our landfills which takes anywhere from 40 to 100 years to decompose.

We are privileged to sleep in our clean and comfortable beds every night.  Many people in developing countries sleep on the floor, which can be very unsanitary and uncomfortable.   The milk bags will be used to create a clean sleeping surface, which can also be used as surgical beds. Milk bags can also be crocheted into tote bags and other useful items such as pillows.  The mats protect people from dampness, biting insects and the common ‘paper cuts’ from leaves/reeds. Since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, there is a desperate need for these mats. 


Supported by our friends and colleagues in neighbouring schools, the milk  

bags will be recycled into washable, quick-dry bed mats providing an alternative to sleeping on the damp, hard ground.  


Please support the Luke 4:18 by bringing in CLEAN, flat milk bags and place them in the box below the Me to We bulletin board in the front hallway of the school.  Your simple donation not only will help keep our environment clean, but also make a positive change in the life of the less fortunate of the world.  

The St. Stephen Luke 4:18 Committee