Parking Lot Safety

Dear SSN Families,


In an effort to maintain safety and order in the parking lot with the morning drop off and after school  procedures we kindly ask you to review the following information.


PARKING LOT SAFETY: Everyone must feel safe and welcome when they come to our school, and that begins in our parking lot. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight parking lot safety in our so our community is aware of our rules. Please see the attached flyer for details:

We are grateful for the support of our parent community, our community liaison officer and municipal parking officers for their guidance, cooperation and support.


KISS AND RIDE: Please remember that the Kiss and Ride is not intended for parking or stopping. This area is designated for drivers to pull in, unload safely, and drive through. Drivers who wish to leave their vehicles and accompany children to the playground or kindergarten pen are reminded to park in available parking spots or use o street parking where appropriate. Students should be exiting the vehicles on the passenger side so they are on the school sidewalk. Students should not be crossing the parking lot without the parent and or guardian present. Drop offs are not permitted at the front of the school by the main doors, this area is off limits and for school busses only and or emergency vehicles.


FIRE ROUTE: We respectfully remind our community not to park or idle in our bus route or entry and exit gates. This area is for buses and emergency vehicles. We must not choose haste and convenience over the safety of our children.. Thank you for respecting these traffic safety rules. 


FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED ON SCHOOL PROPERTY if 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained, thank you for your cooperation and support.



J. Bortolussi

Acting Principal